Sue Fischer

Sue Fischer

Sue Fischer
Associate Campus Minister
Coordinator of Retreats

This Advent seems a perfect time to consider how I live the magis as Advent, to me, has always meant a time of waiting and preparation.  It is a time to consider what can be: a time of universal peace; to change hearts, to make amends, to try again to be better. It is also a time to consider what will be: as a woman of faith I know whatever will be, for me, will be with God.

As I look to the future and the twists and turns that it holds, I recall Fr. Bob Pecoraro, S.J.’s talk at the Vocations Dinner a few weeks ago.  He talked about how, when St. Ignatius faced a turn in the road, he accepted an attitude of “What’s Next?”  I love that, as it absolutely defines my life to date.  And I know, in faith, that it will also do so in the future.  That attitude can change obstacles to opportunities if I am tuned in to the Spirit. It can make all the difference in how I lead my life! I’m blessed here at Canisius as my “vocation” has been to help people, particularly students, have an opportunity to meet God in a very personal way. It’s a rare and beautiful privilege to witness these connections on retreats. 

This is where the magis comes in.  In being open to the adventure of “What’s Next?,” I am also praying about what I want to do, what I can do, and what I love to do.  I am praying about what God’s dream is for me, and how I fit into God’s dream for the world as my life takes on the inevitable twists and turns.

Advent reminds us all that God’s dream for us comes again and again in the hope and love that Jesus brings to us.  My magis is to walk that talk.