Terrence Bisson, PhD Professor

Terrence Bisson, PhD

PhD, Duke University
Research: Algebraic topology
SH-1039, Phone: (716) 888-2497

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Terrence Bisson, PhD found out about number theory in the Arnold Ross summer programs at Ohio State University during high school.  He went on to undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, and there he learned category theory, a framework for modern mathematics, from Saunders Mac Lane.

His graduate work was in algebraic topology at Duke University, where he received his PhD in 1977. He spent the next three years teaching and learning in Sydney, Australia.

He moved to Buffalo in 1980, where he taught one semester at SUNY-Buffalo before joining the mathematics department at Canisius College. Since then he has continued his research interests in applications of category theory in topology, algebra, and combinatorics, with research sabbaticals in Australia, Wales, Toronto, and Cornell U. These educational travels were shared with his biologist wife, Mary Aldwin Bisson  (SUNY-Buffalo); they met over calculus homework at Chicago. For six recent summers he has been co-director of a National Science Foundation Research Experience at Canisius.