Zhasmina Tacheva

Zhasmina Tacheva

"Perhaps a good way to describe the German Program at Canisius - what it has given me and how it has impacted my academic and personal life - would be to paraphrase these short but powerful lines from Heine’s “Book of Songs”:

Soft winds breathed gently everywhere

And all things laughed, and all things gleamed

Kindly on me their splendour beamed…

I could feel the winds of knowledge circle around every class discussion and linger in the air of my memory long after the class had been over; watching my fellow students and myself grow – linguistically but also intellectually and emotionally – before my very eyes with each new lecture of Dr. Böhm, has been one of the most rewarding experiences at Canisius. Don’t get me and Heine wrong – studying German and exploring the culture of the German-speaking world is not always as easy as “all things laughed, and all things gleamed;” it is challenging and different from anything else you would do in your other classes, but with the welcoming and supportive community of German majors, both current and former, with the myriad of academic and professional opportunities the program has to offer, such as the Father Eugene P. Finnegan, SJ German Studies Scholarship, the Fulbright and DAAD grants our students keep receiving, the most updated and richest among all Jesuit colleges in America German curriculum collaboratively designed by Dr. Böhm and his students, and the engaging activities of the National German Honor Society, you will see that studying German at Canisius is much more than learning a language; it is shaping your identity and your future."