Critically Examine the World with a Philosophy Degree

The philosophy major at Canisius immerses you in the examination of ethics, morality and social justice through study of thoughts and ideas from ancient civilizations right through the present day. Plus, you’ll put “philosophy in action” through community-based learning opportunities and local activism. It will challenge you to become an independent thinker and a citizen of the world. And the world can always use more of them!

Why Study Philosophy at Canisius

  • Every Canisius student takes a philosophy course through the core curriculum.  It’s part of the Canisius foundation of exploring Jesuit values.
  • A philosophy degree is often the foundation for those who find success in the law, medicine and those who want to participate in service. 
  • The Department of Philosophy is an original academic department at Canisius College, which was founded in 1870.   

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