Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

Majors will acquire a broad knowledge of major figures, branches, and terminologies in Western philosophy.

  • Objective A: Demonstrate knowledge of major figures in Western Philosophy.
  • Objective B: Demonstrate knowledge of major branches in Western Philosophy.
  • Objective C: Demonstrate knowledge of terminology particular to a branch or tradition within philosophy.

Student Learning Goal 2

Majors will develop a capacity for communicating philosophical ideas and arguments.

  • Objective A: Write cogent prose to communicate philosophical ideas effectively.
  • Objective B: Construct philosophical arguments.

Student Learning Goal 3

Majors will develop a capacity for thinking critically and for effectively assessing arguments.

  • Objective A: Analyze arguments in philosophical discourse.
  • Objective B: Identify underlying presuppositions of a philosopher's argumentative discourse.
  • Objective C: Raise questions and frame philosophical problems introduced by texts.

Student Learning Goal 4

Majors will become information literate as this applies to philosophical study and research.

  • Objective A:  Cite properly and work effectively with both primary and secondary sources.