Courses and Curriculum

Courses and Curriculum

Curriculum - Master's in Physical Education


Prerequisites for Physical Education Certification

Six credits from the following: PED 203 Net, Target, and Fitness Activities (3), PED 204 Invasion Games (3), PED 207 Dance and Gymnastics (3), or PED 305 Cooperative Activities and Outdoor Curriculum

HED 337 Exercise Principles

BIO 114 Human Biology:Intro to Human Anat. & Phys. w/lab

KIN 235 Kinesiology

HED 321 Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, Water Safety (US students) or Health Elective (Canadian students)

Three credit hours in foreign language are also required.

Required Courses for Initial Certification in K-12 Physical Education: 

EDU 505  Foundations of Education (co-requisite EDU 595, EDU 596)

PEG 511  Movement Education and Elementary Activities
AND if spring first time enrollee, includes 30 hrs. of field experience 

PEG 541b Teaching Methods in Physical Education

PEG 541b Lab Teaching Methods in Physical Education Lab (includes field experience for entire school days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)  

PEG 554   Adapted Physical Education
AND if fall first time enrollee, includes 30 hours of field experience

PEG 560  Human Growth and Motor Development
AND if fall first time enrollee, includes 30 hours of field experience

PEG 571  Assessment in Physical Education
PEG 580  Concepts in Teaching Sport Skills
AND if spring first time enrollee, includes 30 hours of field experience

PEG 584 Capstone in Teaching Physical Education (Summer only)

PEG 593  Student Teaching. Two placements: Childhood (grades 1-6) and Adolescence (grades 7-12) (co-requisites EDU 597, PEG 594)

PEG 594  Student Teaching Seminar (co-requisite EDU 597, PEG 593)

EDU 595  Child Abuse Seminar (co-requisite EDU 505, EDU 596)

EDU 596  Prevention of School Violence Seminar (co-requisite EDU 505, EDU 595)

EDU 597  Dignity for All Students (DASA) (co-requisite PEG 593, PEG 594)

The following items are also required for New York State certification:

  • EAS - Educating All Students Test
  • ALST - Academic Literacy Skills Test
  • edTPA - Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (submitted during student teaching)
  • CST - Content Specialty Test (Physical Education)
  • Fingerprinting

Additional Courses Required for Master of Science Degree in Physical Education

PEG 680  Research Methods in Health & Physical Education

Course Descriptions

PED 511 Movement Education and Elementary Activities      3 credits

Conceptual bases, perceptual-motor development and practical applications of movement education. Development, implementation and integration of a physical education program; teaching strategies geared to the elementary level classroom with emphasis on New York and national learning standards in Physical Education. 30 hour field experience required.

PEG 541B Teaching Methods in PE       3 credits

Development, implementation and integration of a physical education program; teaching strategies for K-12 physical education with an emphasis on New York State and national learning standards in Physical Education. Prerequisite: PEG 511

Field experience required on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for lab portion of the course.

PEG 554 Adapted Physical Education       3 credits

Designed to provide students with an exposure to education, physical education, sport and recreational programming for children with disabilities. Content focuses on variety of disabilities eligible for service under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and the ability to design, conduct, and assess a physical education program that is appropriate for this population.

PEG 560 Motor Development      3 credits

Examination of principles of growth and developmental theory with an emphasis on factors affecting changes in movement potential of individuals.

(Online for distance learning).

PEG 571 Assessment in Physical Education       3 credits

Lectures, laboratory, and field experience in the Physical Best Fitness program, Fitnessgram, and integrating the New York State Profile. Focus on the evaluation of the State standards and authentic assessments and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines. Certification fee required for this course. 30 hour field experience required.

PEG 580 Concepts of Teaching Sport Skills       3 credits

Normal developmental patterns of motor skills. How the human organism acquires movement proficiency in those skills.

PEG 584 Capstone in Teaching Physical Education      3 credits

Analysis and evaluation of issues, directed readings, and comprehensive exam of content and theory identified in the program and student teaching.

PEG 593 Student Teaching      12 credits

Culminating experience includes fourteen (14) weeks of student teaching in the schools.

PEG 594 Student Teaching Seminar      0 credits

In conjunction with the student teaching experience, students must attenda series of seminars. Topics include school violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol awareness and multiculturalism. Resume, job search and interview techniques will be reviewed.

SPE 541 Inclusive Strategies      3 credits

This course is intended for graduate teacher candidates seeking New York State certification. The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of high and low incidence disabilities which will include definitions, characteristics, prevalence, and assessment techniques for each disability type. In addition, course content will include strategies intended to accommodate the diverse learning needs of such students within inclusive environments.  Candidates will be provided with strategies to teach English Language learners and will be introduced to effective collaborative practices.