For Canadian Students:

What is the deadline for applying?

We operate on a rolling admissions basis with no set deadlines. We evaluate applications when complete and normally make a decision within one week. We recommend submitting all materials required for admission at least 30 days prior to the start date for the term you wish to begin. 60 days prior to the start date is a better target for Canadian students. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow for the best scheduling options, since some course sections may close out if registering late. 

When is the program offered?

The program offers start dates in fall (late August) and spring (January). You select your start date when you file your application. If you are unsure of your start date, select the earliest one that you are most likely to attend. Should you be accepted and wish to change your start date to a later term, simply inform the office of your new start date in writing and the start date will be changed.

During the fall and spring semesters, on-campus courses in the initial certification graduate program are offered Monday and Tuesday with some courses available online. Coursework in Physical Education can be scheduled on a two day per week program (Monday-Tuesday) with the exception of the field experiences. For Canadian students, this may necessitate a stay over in the Buffalo/Ft. Erie area on Monday night depending on your travel distance from the campus. The two day program may allow completion of certification requirements in as little as 3 semesters (depending on prerequisties). The master's degree requires a fourth semester.

Online courses allow additional flexibility in scheduling. PEG 584 and 680 are offered online. 

For more information on scheduling, view our sample schedule.

If I want to continue beyond certification to get my master's in Physical Education, how long will it take me?

Since all course work is taught at the master’s level, once you complete certification requirements, you only need two additional courses (6 credit hours) to receive a master's degree. Many of our students complete the master's during the summer term after their first year of teaching.

What is the field experience requirement of the program?

Prior to student teaching, all students are required to complete the field experience requirements described in the sample schedule for the program. Student teaching consists of two seven week supervised teaching placements in schools appropriate to certification level and major teaching discipline. The field experience may be completed in Ontario for Canadian students.

What prerequisite courses are required?

Six credits from the following:
PED 203 Net, Target, and Fitness Activities (3)
PED 204 Invasion Games (3)
PED 207 Dance and Gymnastics (3) and PED
PED 305 Cooperative Activities and Outdoor Curriculum.

In addition to the 6 credits above, the following courses are needed to complete prerequisites: 
HED 337 Exercise Principles (3)
BIO 114 Human Biology with lab (4)
KIN 235 Kinesiology (Prerequisite: BIO 114) (3 credit)
HED 321 Lifeguard, CPF, First Aid, Water Safety (US students) or a Health Elective (for Canadian students) (3 credit hours)

Evidence of completion three (3) College/University credit hours or a half year course in a foreign language. NY State Regents credit or two years of non regents with a grade of "B" or better average is in high school is acceptable. OAC/Grade 13 is accepted for Canadian students.

Can I apply and attend Canisius if I have prerequisites to be made up?

Yes, but all prerequisites must be completed prior to your student teaching semester.

What is the minimum GPA required for acceptance into the program?

Most candidates have a minimum GPA of 3.0 from their undergraduate studies. GPA’s below 3.0 will be reviewed by admission staff and program faculty to determine status.

Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required?

For candidates who already possess an initial teaching certification and are pursuing entrance into a professional certification MS program, a standardized test score is required. Candidates can submit GRE, MAT, or ALST test scores to complete this requirement. Contact admissions staff with questions.  

For candidates pursuing entrance into an initial certification teaching program, a standardized test score is required.  Candidates can submit GRE, MAT, SAT, or ACT test scores to complete this requirement. Contact admissions staff with questions.

How quickly can I complete the program?

You can complete certification requirements in as few as three semesters. The program may be completed in 16 months. There are limited offerings during the summer. The master's degree requires successful completion of one additional course (3 credit hours).

Can I attend the program part-time?

You can attend our programs on a full or part time basis.

Will American Sign Language count for the Foreign Language requirement?

Yes, you must complete 3 credit hours of American Sign Language.

How is the scheduling of classes done?

All scheduling/registration of classes is done online using the Canisius Web and can be accessed by clicking here. You can then login to register or click on "Class Schedule" to view schedules for current, previous and some future semesters.

You can access this link from the Canisius home page by clicking on: "current students", then click on: "Online registration/check your grades/view your 1098-T", then choose "Login" to register or "Class Schedule" to view posted schedules.

For more information on scheduling, view our sample schedule.

What is the cost of tuition for all programs?

The cost of tuition for the 2014-2015 School Year is $765 per credit hour.

Is a bachelor's degree required to begin the program?

Yes, a bachelor's degree is required to start graduate programs. For Canadian students, it may be a three year or four year degree. Three year bachelor's degree candidates must complete the masters program at Canisius before they are eligible to submit the request for certification to the New York State Department of Education.

Can I apply if I am "In Progress" with my last semester of courses?

You can apply during your final semester as an undergraduate. However, you will be accepted provisionally until you supply us with an official transcript that posts your degree.

What tests are required for certification?

Beginning May 2014, applicants for certification must pass the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST), the Educating All Students Test (EAS), the Physical Education Content Specialty Test (CST), and the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment). 

Where can I get information about Financial Aid?

Click here for information regarding financing graduate school. 

You may also contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance in financing your education at Canisius by calling 716-888-2300 or 800-541-6348 (toll-free).

The source of financial aid available for Canadian students is The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). For more information visit their web site at

Is there a tuition payment plan?

Yes, the college has payment plans. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at (716) 888-2300.

Is housing available?

Housing for graduate students is based on space available. Some rooms may be available on a nightly basis. Many Canadian students and other commuters stay overnight in local hotels during the fall/spring semesters when housing on campus is normally not available. Contact the Office of Residence Life at 716-888-8300 for more information, including availability. 

More Frequently Asked Questions for Canadian Students:

Will I be able to teach in Ontario after completing the certification program?

Yes, we have been preparing teachers for certification in Canada for more than 20 years. Once requirements are complete, Canadian students will apply to the New York State Department of Education for certification . Once New York State requirements are met, Canadian candidates are eligible for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers after completing the application for certification in Ontario.

What are the Immigration requirements to attend?

In order to attend Canisius College, Canadian students must receive a Certificate of Visa Eligibility (Form I-20). This form is issued by Canisius College after the student has submitted proof of his/her ability to meet all educational and living expenses for the entire period of study. The student must provide this proof by filling out the Canisius College International Student Certification of Finances form, which includes a budget worksheet to help the student determine the total educational expenses. This form must have enough funds (in US dollars) listed and verified to cover the full amount of the student's educational and living expenses. This form must be submitted to the Graduate Education Office. After it is processed, the college will mail the I-20 form directly to the student. 

How do US college/university credit hours equate to credits in Canada?

3 credit hours=1 half year course
6 credit hours=1 full year course

Will OAC courses count toward the prerequisite course requirements?

Yes, OAC and grade 13 can be used as prerequisite course requirements for Canadian students.