Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goal 1 (KNOWLEDGE – Observed in Writing)

Candidates in the Advanced Physical Education program will demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical, and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in their field. 

Advanced PE Teachers: 
  • Come to understand disciplinary content knowledge, the application of content knowledge to teaching physical education, and modes of inquiry that form the bases for physical education programs and instruction 
  • Use their knowledge of students to make every student feel important. They communicate through a humane, sensitive approach that each child, regardless of ability, can succeed and will benefit from a physically active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Have a deep and broad understanding of the content and principles of physical education, which enables them to devise sound and developmentally appropriate instructional activities.

Learning Goal 2 (KNOWLEDGE – Observed Skills and Dispositions)

Candidates in the Advanced Physical Education program will demonstrate professional skills and dispositions necessary for successful performance in their field. 

Advanced PE Teachers:
  • Accomplished teachers of physical education create and sustain a welcoming, safe, and challenging environment in which students engage in and enjoy physical activity. They establish an orderly atmosphere with established protocols and expectations conducive to providing maximum learning for all students.

Learning Goal 3 (SERVICE)

Candidates in Advanced Physical Education program will demonstrate willingness to use their skills to benefit and serve society. Within the contexts of their work, candidates promote authentic learning, social and emotional development, and a commitment to social justice in environments that foster respect for diversity and the dignity of all.

Advanced PE Teachers:
  • Model and promote behavior appropriate in a diverse society by showing respect for and valuing all members of their communities and by having high expectations that their students will treat one another fairly and with dignity.
  • Create advocates for physical education by providing opportunities for family involvement and the involvement of the broader community in the physical education program.


Candidates will demonstrate self-reflection as a habit of mind, continuously assessing and refining their professional practice as they construct a rich repertoire of research-based knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective performance ensuring that all students and/or clients have optimal opportunities to learn and grow. 

Advanced PE Teachers: 
  • Participate in a wide range of reflective practices that foster their creativity, stimulate personal growth, contribute to content knowledge and classroom skill, and enhance professionalism. 

Learning Goal 5 (LEADERSHIP)

Candidates will become adept at applying their acquired knowledge in the process of evaluating their own professional performance and decision-making with respect to its impact on students and/or clients, organizations, and the wider community. 

Advanced PE Teachers:
  • Do not work in isolation but function as members of a large learning community. Recognizing that their responsibilities extend beyond their own classrooms, they contribute purposefully to enhancing instructional programs and improving the professional culture of their field.