Qualifications for the Major

Students must maintain a 2.0 QPA in their major and a 2.0 overall average to graduate with a degree in Physics. All students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. For admission to the advanced program (Jr/ Sr Level), a student must have completed, with a grade of at least a C, General Physics (PHY 223, 224, 225) and Mathematics through Differential Equations (MAT 111, MAT 112, MAT 211, and MAT 222).  To qualify for graduation with a degree in Physics, a grade of C- or higher is required in PHY 225, 226 and all 300- and 400-level Physics courses.

Students are expected to be prepared to take Calculus 1 (MAT 111) their first semester at Canisius.  If the Mathematics and Physics departments deem that an accepted student is not prepared to take Calculus 1, the student will be required to complete MAT 108 (Pre-Calculus) or equivalent during the summer before the start of his or her first semester at the college.  This course will be offered during the second summer session at Canisius.

Core Curriculum Requirements: 

Go to for the Core Curriculum requirements. All students complete these requirements as part of their overall Canisius education.

Major Course Requirements: (22 courses)

Course Title Credits
PHY 107 Computer Programming ofr Science Majors 4
PHY 223-224 General Physics for Physical Science Majors I-II 4-4
PHY 225 General Physics for Physical Science Majors III 4
PHY 226 Basic Electronics 4
PHY 330 Electricity and Magnetism, I * 3
PHY 331 Electricity and Magnetism, II * 3
PHY 332 Statistical and Thermal Physics 3
PHY 335 Mathematics for Physics I* 4
PHY 350-351 Advanced Laboratory  1-1
PHY 443 Classical Mechanics * 3
PHY 445 Special Topics in Physics 1
PHY 446 Quantum Mechanics I * 3
PHY 447 Quantum Mechanics II * 3
PHY 498 Senior Project 1-3
CHM 111 General Chemistry 4
Science Elective Choice of BIO111/111L, CHM112/112L, CSC212/212L, MAT219 or MAT351 3-4
MAT 111-112 Calculus I and II 4-4
MAT 211 Calculus III 4
MAT 222 Differential Equations 4

*These courses are offered in alternate years only.

Students should consult with their major advisor every semester to discuss course offerings and the courses needed to meet graduation requirements.

Free Electives

Free electives are courses in addition to the Core Curriculum and major requirements sufficient to reach a minimum of 120 hours for graduation.  Computer Science and Mathematics are highly recommended as is PHY 301. 

Recommended Semester Schedule for Major Course Requirements

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester

CHM 111

PHY 107

MAT 111

*Science Elective

MAT 112

PHY 223


MAT 211

PHY 224

MAT 222

PHY 225

PHY 226


PHY 330

PHY 350/351 

PHY 335

PHY 331

PHY 445 


PHY 332

PHY 443

PHY 446

PHY 351/350 

PHY 447

PHY 498

*Science Elective – To be chosen from BIO 111/111L, CHM 112/112L, CSC 212/212L, MAT 219 or MAT 351.  The science elective may be taken in a subsequent semester if it requires a prerequisite.  In this case, take a course in the Core Curriculum in the Spring Semester of the Freshman year.