Physics Minors

The physics minor requires seven courses, which are to be distributed as follows:

Four Required Courses

Course Title Credit
PHY 223 General Physics I 4
PHY 224 General Physics II 4
PHY 225 General Physics III 4
MAT 211 Calculus III 4

Three courses selected from the following two groups  At least one of these three must be selected from Group I.

Group 1

Course Title Credits
PHY 330 Electricity and Magnetism I 3
PHY 331 Electricity and Magnetism II 3
PHY 332 Statistical and Thermal Physics 3
PHY 443 Classical Mechanics 3
PHY 446 Quantum Mechanics I 3

Note: (i) PHY 331 requires PHY 330 as a prerequisite.  (ii) PHY 446 is required for PHY 447, (iii) PHY 335 is highly recommended as a co-requisite for PHY 330, and (iv) PHY 443 requires MAT 222 as a prerequisite.

Group 2

Course Title Credits
PHY 226 Basic Electronics 4
Two of PHY350, 351, or 445 Advanced Lab/Special Topics in Physics 1
MAT 222 Differential Equations 4
PHY 335 Mathematics for Physics I 4
PHY 447 Quantum Mechanics II 3
CHM 301 Classical Physical Chemistry 3

Note:  If CHM 301 is used for Group II, PHY 332 cannot be used for Group I.

Note that MAT 111 and MAT 112 are prerequisites for one of more of the courses listed above.  The physics minor is particularly popular when combined with majors in Chemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Science.