Pre-Engineering Program

Canisius offers several options for student interested in the field of engineering. A significant advantage to beginning your engineering education at Canisius is that class sizes are small; introductory classes typically have 25 students or less. And you have ample opportunity to meet with professors outside of class.

3+2 Dual Degree Physics-Engineering Articulation Programs

The 3+2 Dual Degree Physics Engineering programs are ideal for students strongly interested in demanding scientific or industrial research and development careers, particularly in an interdisciplinary area.  The dual degree programs provide extensive grounding in both science and engineering that can open the doors to advanced engineering and technology studies in a wide range of fields.  The dual degrees provide students a more well-rounded academic background that is highly desirable in the job market because of the breadth of skills developed. View the Recommended Schedule & Courses.

These five-year articulation programs include three years of study at Canisius and two subsequent years at one of our cooperating institutions.  Students earn the B.S. in Physics from Canisius College and a B.S. in Engineering from the partner institution.

The 3+2 Canisius/University at Buffalo partnership includes several unique benefits to students.  Students will receive advisement each semester by both Canisius and UB advisors.  While at Canisius, students will take at least one UB engineering course taught on our campus by the UB engineering faculty. During your first three years at Canisius you will be included in the engineering clubs and activities at the UB campus.  These opportunities provide you with the advantage of early exposure and an easy transition to the expectations and demands of the UB engineering curriculum. The articulation guarantees transfer of credits and admission to University at Buffalo with a 2.5 grade point average. 

2 + 2 Engineering Transfer Programs

The 2+2 Pre-Engineering option is designed for those students who plan to seek industrial employment in either engineering or applied physics. The 2+2 pre-engineering curriculum at Canisius covers the first two years of a four-year engineering major and students are advised by faculty from the Physics Department. The two-year curriculum at Canisius covers the basic science, mathematics and computer programming typical of the first two years at most engineering schools. View the Recommended Schedule.

Students who successfully complete this program usually transfer to an engineering school to complete the requirements for a bachelor of science in Engineering. The completion of an engineering degree normally takes an additional two years of study after finishing this two-year program at Canisius. Canisius students have transferred to a wide variety of schools including Cornell, Clarkson, RPI, RIT and University at Buffalo (SUNY). 

Alternative engineering transfer options exist for student interested in combining other areas of interest, such as business, or for students who may require a stronger foundation in mathematics before transferring to an engineering program.

Some students choose to remain at Canisius after the first two years of this program and continue on in other majors such as Physics, Engineering-Physics, Physics-Computer Science, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Director of the Pre-Engineering Program

The current director of the Pre-Engineering Program is Dr. Michael H. Wood.  He can be contacted by telephone at 716-888-2426 or by email at