Learn Outside the Classroom

Research Projects

Physics offers plenty of opportunities for paid student research, including summer jobs with professors doing experimental or theoretical work.  For example:

  • The Canisius College Medium Energy Nuclear Physics (CMENP) group is actively studying the properties of the strong nuclear force with Dr. Michael Wood. The group is currently investigating hadrons in nuclei and an active collaborator at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility or Jefferson Lab (JLab), which is a Department of Energy national laboratory located in Newport News, VA.  Presently, the group is involved with experiments in Hall B.
  • Robert Selkowitz, PhD, recently worked with faculty and students in the Departments of Physics and Computer Science to design a chess robot. 

The Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The SPS is the national student association of physics majors. The SPS offers opportunities for technical tours, lectures and social activities. Members of this group attend meetings, present papers, sponsor visiting speakers and recently toured the Laser Energetics Lab at the University of Rochester.

Lab Assistants

Lab assistants are Physics majors in their junior or senior years and are paid a stipend for assisting with PHY 201 & 202, and PHY 223, 224, & 225 lab activities.