Polish Chair

Polish Chair

Funding Request Procedures and Guidelines

Funding requests should be submitted in writing; in-person requests will not be accepted.  An application, not to exceed two pages (plus a one-page budget), must address each of the following:

  1. Name, address, contact person, email address and phone number of the organization or individual that will be the recipient of the funding, along with the organization’s or individual’s qualifications for the submitted project/program. 

  2. Relationship of the individual signing the funding request to the applicant organization (or individual).  If an organization is submitting the request, provide evidence that the funding request has been authorized by the organization’s governing board.

  3. The amount requested and a complete statement of why the funding is needed and what will be done with the money. NOTE: A one-page budget must be included.  

  4. Whether aid for your project/program is being sought from other sources, and if so, name them.  If not, explain why not.

  5. Statement of the problem or opportunity that your project/program will address, what you hope to accomplish, what the projected impact on the community will be (especially, outline the educational benefits); who will benefit; how your project/program relates to the Chair’s mission and priorities; and how you will measure your project/program for effectiveness. 

  6. Is this a new project/program or a continuation of an existing one?  

  7. If this is a continuing project/program, how will it be financed after funds from the Chair are expended?  (If your project/program is a one-time event, you do not need to answer this question.)

  8. Has your organization (or has this individual) ever been funded by the Chair?  If so, when, and for what purpose?

  9. What is the time line for your project/program?


After the project/program has been completed, a report (not to exceed one page) must be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Permanent Chair of Polish Culture that assesses the effectiveness of the funded project/program.  Organizations that do not submit a report will not be considered for future funding.