Political Science

Political Science

Learn Outside the Classroom

Fitzpatrick Chair of Political Science Lecture Series & Frank G. Raichle Lecture Series on Law in American Society

Some of the most renowned figures in American law and politics visit Canisius under the auspices of these two prominent lecture series. Past speakers include Supreme Court justices, U.S. attorney generals, senators, congressmen and political advisors.  Many spend the day at Canisius to host classes for students or meet with them during private receptions. 


Nothing looks better on a resume than real-world experience, which is exactly why internships are a critical part of the political science program at Canisius.  Explore state government via internships in the legislative office of New York State’s capital.  See what it means to be a staff assistant for a U.S. Senator or Congressman at an internship in Washington D.C.  Or if global politics is your interest, consider an internship in Britain’s House of Commons or at within Australia’s local government agencies.  Better yet, help organize the next international, intercollegiate European Union simulation competition.  

Washington D.C.

Each fall, political science students spend three days inside the Beltway.  They meet with young Canisius alumni who work on Capitol Hill and at other government agencies, lobby and research firms, and media companies.  Students learn what it means to live and work in Washington D.C. and establish valuable career connections. 


Build leadership skills and meet college students from around the world by participating in EuroSim.  The annual intercollegiate European Union simulation brings together more than 200 students from universities in the United States and Europe to negotiate real-world policy agenda concerning current events. 

Mock Trial Team

Learn first-hand about what it means to be a trial attorney or to work in the judicial system by becoming a member of the Mock Trial Team.  Presided over by Canisius alumni who work in the field, the Mock Trial Team is an ideal out-of-classroom activity for students interested in a legal career.