Courses & Curriculum

Students wishing to choose law as a career may major, as undergraduates, in any field or fields. They should bear in mind, however, that their aim must be the attainment of a broad liberal education. Specifically, they should attain considerable skill in language, knowledge of human institutions and values and an ability to reason critically. The committee therefore recommends that students wishing to choose law as a career include in their undergraduate programs of study the following:

  1. Courses which develop skills of accurate  comprehension and precise expression in language. 
  2. Courses in which knowledge of human institutions can be attained, with special reference to American constitutional law and history.
  3. Courses which develop abilities in logic and appreciation of ethical and political values. 
  4. Courses in elementary accounting and economics.

Recommended Electives

  • Philosophy: Ethics, Logic
  • Economics:  ECO 101 & 102: Micro and Macro Economics
  • English:  CMP 302: The Art of Successful Writing
  • Political Science: PSC103: American Constitution; PSC 320 & 321: Constitutional Law
  • Accounting: ACC 201 & 202: Financial and Managerial Accounting

The Frank G. Raichle Pre-Law Center assists students who wish to enter the legal profession by offering counseling and advisement regarding law schools and the Law School Admissions Test and by providing scholar incentive awards.

The center also sponsors an annual lecture series on problems of law and American society.

Students interested in law are encouraged to contact a member of the pre-law committee at their earliest opportunity and are encouraged to join the pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta.

The Program

Sophomore Year

CMP 302 Basics of Writing for pre-Professionals...................  3 credits
This course serves pre-law students, among others, who need to sharpen their writing skills. Students will draft prose and develop effective strategies for revising editing and proofreading.

Junior Year

Spring Semester
Getting into Law School: A Strategy for Success....................Non-credit

A service provided by the Raichle Pre-Law Center consisting of sessions on the following topics:

  • Selecting the right law school 
  • Applying to law school 
  • Preparing for the LSAT 
  • Writing the personal statement 
  • Updating resumes 
  • Obtaining letters of recommendation

Senior Year

Advisement sessions: Applying to Law school