Learn Outside the Classroom

Benefits Exclusive to Canisius Pre-med Students

Canisius is proud to host a premier pre-medical program supportive of all students who desire to enter the medical and health professions (allopathic and osteopathic medicine, dental, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, chiropractic and others.)

The George E. Schreiner ’43, MD Pre-Medical Center was created to enrich the undergraduate experience of students pursuing entry into medical and other health professional programs and provides numerous services to students including the following:

  • Pre-professional counseling and advisement in addition to major advising
  • Seminar series on health professions and topics current in medicine
  • Meetings with deans and admissions officers of medical and health professional schools
  • Connections with research and shadowing opportunities
  • Connections with volunteer opportunities
  • Visits to regional medical and health professional schools
  • Assistance throughout the professional school application process
  • Provides committee letters of evaluation for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry and others where requested in support of their application
  • Sponsors the George E. Schreiner ’43 Lecture Series
  • Sponsors medical mission trips
  • Offering Pre-medical scholarships
  • Offering an Introduction to the Health Professions course for students still exploring the various career opportunities.

Students Get Involved

  • Christopher Petrotto ‘13, a pre-dental biochemistry major, recently published his research with area dentist, Todd Shatkin, DDS, on mini dental implants for long-term fixed and removable prosthetics. Mini Dental Implants: A Retrospective Analysis of 5640 Implants Placed Over a 12-year Period. Shatkin TE, Petrotto CA. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2012; 33 Spec 3:2-9.
  • Jena Abati is a pre-med music and biology major. The past summer, Jena performed in the supporting role of "Musetta" in Nickel City Opera's 'La Boheme'. Jena is the youngest woman to perform this role for a professional opera company.
  • International and domestic service-immersion trips offered through campus ministry provide pre-med students the opportunity for tremendous personal growth in solidarity with others, while applying their classroom learning into real-world settings.

Students Work Along-side Canisius Professors on Research Projects that Matter

  • Andrew Forrestel '12 a pre-med chemistry major, studied the synthesis of polyamines to be used as drug-agents against trypanosomes (organisms causing African-Sleeping Sickness) in the lab of Mary O'Sullivan, PhD. Andrew is in his first year of medical school at the University of Rochester.
  • Juliann Koleszar ‘13, a pre-med biology major, studies the regulation of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and aVb3 by chemokine and hormone treatments in the lab of Susan Aronica, PhD.
  • Nathan Olszewski ‘12, a pre-med biology major, studied conjugated cholesterol and its impact on sterol bulk flow and communication in plants in the lab of Robert Grebenok, PhD. Nate is currently in his first year of medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
  • James Shea '12, a pre-med biology major with a sociology minor, studied the linkage of the Tonawanda Coke Plant's emissions to the high amount of respiratory problems in the Tonawanda, New York area with Erin Robinson, PhD, Director of Enviornmental Studies. James is currently in his first year of medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
  • Paul Wirth ‘13, a pre-med biology major, studies long-term vocal changes in the killer whale (Orcinus orca) in the lab of Michael Noonan, PhD.
  • Jennifer Williams ‘13, a pre-med biology major, studies the impact of supplemental science education programs in light of the increased emphasis on mathematics and English language arts and decreased time allotted for teaching science in the United States public school education system with Ann Wright, PhD.

Student Clubs

  • Society for Pre-Health Professionals
  • American Medical Student Association (Undergraduate Chapter)

      Students are also very active in:

    • Tri-Beta (Beta Beta Beta, National Biology Honors Society)
    • American Chemical Society
    • Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society)
    • and many campus service organizations