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She works at HSBC Bank and has since 2006, the year she graduated from Canisius for the first time. And in 2009 when she earned her Canisius MBA, Alicia Mesmer earned a promotion along with it.

Mesmer credits Canisius with getting her in the door at HSBC. She knew the bank valued her education in international business and French. She was well rounded, with fundamental business knowledge and character and independence shaped through experience. But when she pursued her MBA with a focus on international business, Mesmer discovered just how much value HSBC puts on a Canisius education: The bank financially supported her studies.

She sees why. The Canisius MBA program encourages teamwork, which is mandatory in every work environment. The program improved her ability to manage projects, to manage people and time, and to work in pursuit of a common team goal. Today, Mesmer is an international client sales manager. She’s seen these skills continuously help her improve and becoming better is a pursuit she’ll engage for her entire career, wherever it takes her.