Increase Your Professional Performance

When Brandon Brownell, MD, was considering graduate school, he made a list of priorities. He needed to be able to work full time, gain hands-on experience, have the opportunity to network with well-connected alumni. Brownell chose health and human performance at Canisius. Canisius provided flexible scheduling, internship opportunities, access to experienced alumni, and faculty who were actively working in a diverse range of fields that pertained to his ambitions.

Coming from a large state university, Brownell was surprised at the impact of Canisius' small classes. “I quickly learned the benefit of small class sizes along with approachable faculty,” he says. “Every question is answered on the spot, and topics are further explored based on the feedback from the class and professor interaction. The small classes provided full understanding of the topic specifically guided to the class’s needs and interests.”      

Brownell knew Canisius would give him the foundation, network and knowledge to achieve his goals, which included going on to medical school. The HHP program also helped him develop leadership qualities. “I continue to carry the lessons and confidence that Canisius instills through my career as a medical doctor. The ability to establish a leadership role and apply my thoughts with confidence is imperative when discussing treatment plans and advocating on a patient’s behalf,” he says.