The Network Connection

In 2011 he graduated from Canisius with an MBA. Today, he’s a financial advisor in wealth management for Merrill Lynch. And he’s running for office. Elias Farah hopes to win a seat on the Erie County Legislature. It’s a short-term goal but one that meshes with his lifetime values.

Farah continually works to have a positive impact on his community. As a financial advisor, he helps people plan for the future. It requires attention to detail. A skill he honed in accounting class at Canisius. “I’m often asked how I found a hidden number or little-known fact,” says Farah. “Accounting was so demanding and required great attention to detail. I took that learning with me and it shows up in my work and life.” 

He says the whole experience of graduate school at Canisius opened doors for him, right away and years later. As a student, Farah met impressive people and gained valuable networking opportunities. As a graduate, he realized how big the alumni network really is -- and not just in Buffalo. He has run into Canisius graduates all over the map. There is always a connection, and it’s something Canisius alums are proud of. So, if you run into Farah, take a moment to introduce yourself. He will likely say to you what so many alums have said to him: “If you need anything, let me know.”