Build A Strong Foundation

She earned her BA in history at Canisius, and chose Canisius again for graduate school. She liked our mission of creating men and women for others. As a student with a disability, she was impressed with the services and resources she received. Katie Fish says, “Those services and resources played a significant role in my choice and ultimately helped shape my success.”  

She says Canisius gave her the education, knowledge, and experiences to set the foundation for rest of her life. The CSPA program provided her with opportunities to explore other departments and institutions both home and abroad, develop a strong professional resume, and network within the higher education field. It gave her the confidence to use her skills and knowledge in her career.

Through CSPA, Fish learned to effectively respond and help students at different levels of development achieve their goals. She learned the impact of making every person feel important. She learned that one of the greatest gifts you can give a person is your time.

Fish valued working with talented colleagues in CSPA, the development of skills through experiences, and the professional relationships she built, all of which, she says, were beyond her expectations. “The faculty and staff exemplified commitment to students, the profession, and the college. They were exactly who I aspired to be.”