Refine Your Teaching Style

She attended Canisius for her undergraduate degree in childhood education with a concentration in Spanish. She graduated prepared and excited to have her own classroom. “My professors inspired me in that way,” she says. “They were my advocates. It was that dedication that led me to pursue my master’s at Canisius as well.”

Theresa Ansbrow taught full time while completing her MS in TESOL. As an online program, TESOL gave Ansbrow the flexibility she needed to stay focused in her classroom. She expected that. And she was happy to find that the program offered the same “rigor and meaningful instruction that I fell in love with as an undergrad.” She finished her MS in in June 2013, but she valued the education well before graduation. “What I came to appreciate the most was the idea of direct application. I was able to immediately apply what I learned in my current profession.”                 

She says TESOL helped her refine her teaching style, develop her approach. It made her more readily able to assist diverse learners in ways that truly help them. “The way that the education program is structured gave me so many tools and ideas to take with me into the field,” she says. “I am currently a middle school Spanish teacher at Tapestry Charter School, and I would not have that position if not for Canisius.”