Enrich the World

He’s taught here since the 1960s, but you wouldn’t say he’s stayed put. Early in his career he left campus each summer and traveled south, where he was a volunteer teacher in government-sponsored programs for poor, disenfranchised students. These days, he leaves campus to teach at a nearby prison. Literature depends on perspective, and these students have profound insights. What he learns from them, he brings to Canisius.

Bridging two worlds makes sense for him. Robert Butler, PhD, is chronically interdisciplinary. He’s taught more than 25 different classes covering everything from Mark Twain to 19th century Russian literature through an historical lens. He’s a renowned expert in black American literature. He also knows architecture.

He’s perpetually interested, a habitual scholar. He wants you to be too. Often that means getting your nose out of books. Leave campus to explore world-class art, theater and architecture all over Buffalo. Study outside your major to discover new points of view. Volunteer.

For all of his interest in other perspectives, Butler advances one overall: A first-rate education will expand and deepen your intellectual life; but something else is more important – You must use your gifts to enrich the world.