You Are Welcome Here

He joined the Jesuits right out of high school. It took another 12 years for him to become a priest. Along the way he earned bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and history and master’s degrees in American history, psychology and theology. He is a certified chemical dependency specialist. For 23 years, he worked with Native Americans in the northwest. In 2006, he moved across the country to Canisius. Rev. Thomas Colgan, SJ, understands long journeys. He guides people through theirs. He’s still on one himself. 

Talk to Father Tom, and you’ll get a crash course in the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life. You’ll probably even sign up. The regimen is personalized. Prayer and reflection are part of your daily routine. You will better understand yourself. Grow in your relationship with God. Live with clear purpose. Whatever your faith, whatever you most deeply want, whatever is at the heart of who you are, Father Tom wants to work with you.

This man is busy. He studies various faiths and cultures each day. He meets with students, faculty, staff and community members. He writes. Still, he makes time for prayer. It’s a daily appointment nestled in with all the others on his smart phone calendar. Even for a Jesuit priest, spiritual growth doesn’t have an end-date. In fact, thinking you’ve reached your destination is the surest sign you’ve gone off-course.