Play With Puzzles

Your grandparents’ actions may have affected your health, and revealing how could influence government policy. The class is biology, but when Lisa Morey, PhD, is your professor, you’ll see science intersect with a multitude of disciplines.

The trick is to see how they all fit together. A cell and molecular biologist, Morey combines separate bits of information to make new discoveries. She took countless nature walks as a child. In high school, she learned about DNA and decided to work in some area of science. She gained undergraduate research experience studying genetics. All this time she was engaged in her interest, without knowing where it would lead.

It’s a lot like her approach to teaching. She knows you’ll learn best when you’re engaged in the material. She asks questions, hosts discussions, keeps you involved in research. She guides you as you piece together the information available to reveal something new. For Morey, puzzles are a passion. For her students, they are a fresh perspective on science.