He says time spent learning is never a waste, even if you change your major. He should know. The Rev. James Pribek, S.J., PhD, holds undergraduate degrees in agriculture and philosophy. He has master’s degrees in divinity, theology, English, and Anglo-Irish literature and drama (in which he also holds a PhD).

Childhood summers spent on his uncle’s farm led him to study dairy science. His first job in a milking parlor led him to reevaluate his interests. The search made him a Jesuit and a world-renowned expert on James Joyce. But his knowledge of science is still useful. His degree in philosophy still comes into play.

In his class, you will search too. Study literature in relation to history. Intermix social and classroom experiences with art, music and theater. His goal is to make you a lifelong reader. To see why reading is relevant, even necessary. Life is full of transitions. Those who rely on literature as a source of meaning, beauty and entertainment, best endure the jolt of change.