Program Overview

At Canisius College, the Department of Psychology offers a strong, well-rounded academic program, personalized student attention, various research and internship opportunities, and state-of-the-art scientific facilities.  The psychology program provides an excellent foundation for continuing graduate work toward a master’s or doctorate degree.  However, in combination with other disciplines through its Dual Majors program, the psychology major can also provide a unique experience that will make graduates attractive in many job markets.

Experiences outside the classroom lead to jobs and career opportunities. On-campus research opportunities and off-campus internships provide students with hands-on experience to supplement their classroom learning. Psychology students are placed in internships and can start assisting with faculty research projects as early as freshman year.  Faculty in the department have diverse research projects that easily integrate student involvement resulting in professional presentations and publications in local to international forums. By engaging in research assistantships within the department, students can get a head start on graduate careers in an academic context. To learn more about internships and other unique opportunities for Canisius psychology majors, click here.

All psychology majors are assigned advisers within the department.  These advisers work closely with students to assist in choosing electives, discussing career expectations, and developing their total academic programs.

The psychology major must complete four introductory/basic courses and then choose three courses from the core curriculum.  Majors must also select 3 more courses from any of the Core sections, allowing them to pursue personal or career interests.  The core curriculum includes an impressive range of courses: 

  • Core I: Neuroscience & Cognition
  • Core II: Developmental & Psychosocial
  • Core III: Outcomes & Applications

The Jesuit ideal of commitment to others is highly exemplified through the study of psychology at Canisius.  In addition, an extensive array of Psychology minors lead students to many interesting, practical, and service-oriented areas of study:

Please refer to the Courses & Curriculum section or download Psycholopedia for specifics.