Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Program Overview

As a student in the religious studies and theology program, you will cultivate an inquiring mind by being exposed to the role religion plays in the development and experience of humanity as a whole.  Students are provided with the scientific and theological tools necessary for an academic study of religion and learn to understand and appreciate the various viewpoints and values of differing religions.

The major program offers courses in five different areas: world religions, Jewish and Christian origins, history of Christianity, Christianity in the modern world and systematic theology. Students wishing to pursue a minor in religious studies can do so within one of three tracks:

  • Religious Studies 
  • Christian History, Thought and Ethics 
  • Religions of the World

To express the religious dimension of the college’s Catholic and Jesuit tradition and its orientation to serve the community, the religious studies and theology program also offers an interdisciplinary minor in Catholic Studies. Read more about the Catholic Studies Minor.

Religious studies graduates are well-prepared for professional careers in both religious and secular fields or further study in graduate school. Our graduates are employed as chaplains, pastors, directors of religious education, social workers, counselors, nurses, teachers, journalists and lawyers.

Many religious studies graduates have gone on for further study at such schools as University of Richmond Law School, Harvard Divinity School, the University of Chicago and the Catholic University of America (Theological College), among others.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities and internships with area agencies, non-profit organizations, and through the Office of Campus Ministry. A wide variety of volunteer service and immersion opportunities enable religious studies majors to apply what they learn in the classroom in both the local community and globally.

The Institute for the Global Study of Religion (ISGOR) and the Joseph J. Naples Conversations in Christ and Culture Lecture and Performance Series bring leading theologians, musicians and artists to campus to discuss the place of religion in the 21st Century.

Religious studies and theology faculty members come from a diverse range of religious backgrounds, including Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Methodist and Jewish; which provides students with the perspectives of various faiths. They also represent a wide range of research interests and expertise.