Declare a Major

Students wishing to declare or change their major should take one of the following steps:

To declare or change to a single major simply stop by the Student Records Office.

To declare or change to a dual/triple major, students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Wehle School of Business should pick up the dual major form in the Office of Student Advisement, Bagen Hall 103. Students in the School of Education and Human Services should pick up the form in the Associate Deans Office, Bagen Hall 206.

Once the student has completed the form and obtained the signature of the department chairperson for each major he/she is declaring, the form goes to the Office of Student Advisement or the Education Suite. The completed form will then be sent to the Student Records Office after it is signed by the Associate Dean. When the signed form is received by the Student Records Office, the major will be changed.