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Career Center

Internship Information

All students, regardless of major, must complete these steps:

  1. Register as a student on the College Central website. College Central is a website where students search and apply for internships and jobs. Create an account on College Center. You will not be able to search and apply for internships immediately after you register, but it will start the process. College Central is not the only source available for finding internships. The Career Center can also suggest other avenues such as alumni, company websites, faculty etc.

  2. Attend an orientation session to understand the steps in securing an internship. To find out when orientations will be offered and to sign-up, contact the Career Center clicks to the new contact form. Individual appointments can also be scheduled with the director of internships for initial information on the Internship Program.

  3. Prepare a resume. The director of internships and Career Center staff can assist you in developing a resume. Post your resume on College Central where it will be approved for applying to internships on College Central.

  4. Make an appointment to meet with the director of internships in the Career Center. Contact the Career Center to discuss your internship search and career plan. Also, inquire about resume and interviewing workshops scheduled through the Career Center to assist in the process.

  5. Complete the Internship Verification form after you accept an internship and return it to the Career Center. A signature from the employer is required.

Paid or Unpaid?

Both types of internships are available.  Non-profit agencies and particular types of organizations or departments may not typically offer paid internships. Your interests, goals, and priorities need to be examined when deciding paid versus unpaid opportunities. If you are considering an unpaid internship, the organization may require it be done for credit.

Credit or Non-credit?

Students have the option of doing an internship for credit or non-credit. If your major allows you to earn credit by doing an internship, it may be used to satisfy a major or free elective.  Consider whether or not you are interested in receiving credit. To qualify for credit, eligibility requirements and program prerequisites, determined by your academic department, will need to be met.

Credit requirements and procedures for credit approval of internships vary by academic department.

  • Arts and Sciences students should first consult the department chair in their major, or academic advisor for credit eligibility requirements, and department guidelines and procedures.
  • Business students can first contact the director of internships in the Career Center for internship information related to credit internships.

All credit internships are completed under the supervision of a faculty member and require that a learning agreement be completed.

Necessary Paperwork For Credit Approval Of An Internship Is Required Before Working

Forms include signatures from a faculty supervisor, department chair, an Associate Dean and the employer supervisor.

Searching for Internship Sites

If you know you are eligible to earn credit and you have the option to search for opportunities listed outside your department, the Career Center can assist you through the search process. However, the internship selection will need to be approved by your academic department in order to register for credit.

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