Probation Resources

Grade Tracking

Grade Tracker: Use this worksheet to track this semester grades.

Time Management

Monthly Calendar: Use this calendar to map out your month. Plotting assignments, exams and othe obligations ahead of time will allow you to identify heavy weeks. Knowing which weeks will be more full than others gives you the awareness to complete reading, studying and assignments early during lighter weeks.

Weekly Calendar: Plot out your weekly "to-do list" and block off specific time for specific tasks.

Time Management: Read about several topics related to managing your time.

More Time Management Resources:  An Online Guide to Time Management 

Skills and Strategies: An article providing a game-plan attack of how to stay organized.

Goal Setting

  • Goals should be: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Display goals in a place where you will see them each day. 
  • Outline specific steps for obtaining goals.
  • Outline obstacles and brainstorm ways to overcome them.
  • Ask for help when necessary.
  • Prioritize. Know which goals are most important and why.

Goal Setting Worksheet: Use this form to list out goals and steps necessary to achieve them.

GPA Calculator

Click here: To utilize our online GPA calculator to predict your term and cumulative GPA.

Learning Styles

Learning style quiz: Use this online quiz to determine your learning style. Knowing yourself is half the battle!

Study Skills

Study Tips: This webpage provides some tips that my help you study better.

10 habits of high effective students: Find more study tips here.

Test Anxiety and Stress

Test Anxiety: Read about some tips to reduce test anxiety here.

Stress Diary: Use this site to learn about identifying short term stress and download a template for a stress log.

Career Exploration

Our Canisius College Career Center is a great resource if you are unsure about your major or future career goals. Call 888-2475 or stop by OM 013 to make an appointment to meet with a career counselor. Additionally, they also encourage the use of a number of resources such as:

What can I do with this major?  This website gives students an idea of the types of careers one may pursue with a particular major.

Princeton Review Career Quiz: This quiz can help you identify your interests and match them with potential career options.