Probation Tips for Success

Seek additional advisement. Students typically register for the following semester before they realize they are on probation. After your final grades come out you may need to adjust next semester’s schedule. Please visit the student advisement center for advice.

Be honest about your progress in courses. If something isn’t going well you should discuss this with your mentor and advisor so they can help you decide the best course of action. Remember, we cannot help you if we don’t understand the situation.

Utilize tutoring services early and often. Do not wait until you are failing to seek assistance. Being pro-active is, absolutely, the smart thing to do!

Please be truthful with your professors about utilizing tutors. Your instructors will be notified when you visit a tutor in the tutoring center. Do not tell them you have been working with a tutor if you have not.

Be sure to complete all requirements and suggestions your Associate Dean has place on your probation contract. Failure to do so may result in academic dismissal.

Take advantage of academic workshops offered by the tutoring center.

Get to know your instructors. They are your number one resource for information and assistance in his/her particular course. Stay after class to introduce yourself, ask questions and visit them during their office hours to go over class content.

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yourself and what you need to work on is half the battle. Seek assistance with improving those particular challenges right away.

Reward yourself for getting favorable grades, making improvements and completing “to-do lists.”

Break large projects and papers down into sections to help with time management.

Work ahead. If you have a light week look at your schedule to identify work and reading you can accomplish ahead of time. This will help to alleviate stress during busy weeks.

Set goals and outline how you will achieve them. Having clearly defined goals will help you focus on what you need to do. Post your goals in a place where you will see them every day so you are reminded of what you are working towards.

Ask questions and ask for help! There are no stupid questions and there is no shame in asking for help when you need it. There are lots of people at Canisius who want to help you be successful. Please reach out as soon as concerns arise.