Student Retention

Student Retention

Resources for Transfer Students

Thank you for choosing Canisius for the next leg of your academic journey. We are extremely happy to have you here and hope that your experiences will be academically and personally fulfilling.  As an accepted transfer, you have already proven that you are a good student, but you will face an adjustment period. That's because most students have already formed relationships, they know the campus resources, cool professors and where to get the best coffee.  Here are some tips to get adjusted to being a student at Canisius.

Minimize Transfer Shock

What is Transfer Shock?

Some students suffer from what is termed "transfer shock." This is brought on by a lack of familiarity with the new college or university and is a temporary dip in grade point average. The most commonly agreed upon dip for transfer students is .30 to .50 points. However, a recovery in grade point average after a semester or two is also common.

What Causes Transfer Shock?

Studies show that there are four key components that contribute to adjustment difficulties for transfer students:

  • New/different institutional culture
  • Lack of social relationships
  • High expectations of success and achievement
  • Lack of or missing information in the transfer process

Ask for help, if you need it!

Our transfer advisor, Rita Capezzi, PhD, can assist you to find helpful resources, problem solve, and generally make your adjustment to the college smoother.  You can contact her at or (716) 888-2886, or visit her office in Churchill Tower, Room 914.