Student Academic Support Services (SASS) provides academic support to all Canisius students.

We help you handle your coursework and your approach to it. Our services include tutoring, peer-led study groups, and workshops aimed at creating life/school balance, academic mentoring available to assist with life stressors, and dedicated support for students with disabilities. From coping with stress to time-management and organizational skills, SASS helps prepare you for every adventure that lies ahead. 

We know your curiosity won't end with graduation. You’ll continue to learn and confront new challenges. The methods you learn from SASS will be carried with you.   


The Tutoring Center (OM 315)

Free tutoring for all Canisius students. Tutors are peers and adjunct professors with expertise in the majority of disciplines. Different strategies are used to help address individual student needs. The center also hosts Forming Your Foundation for the Future — Workshops for Life, part of an innovative, hands-on program to build academic skills and help students become lifelong learners.

The Study Center Program (OM 318)

Open to all Canisius students, the Study Center is a quiet environment where tutors are nearby to answer questions and provide academic support. 

Academic Mentor Program (OM 317)

One-on-one academic mentoring, this program guides students through various issues that may arise during their academic career. Academic Mentors meet regularly with students to assist with better time management, handling of courses, study and other skills needed to achieve academic success.

Disability Support Services - DSS (OM 317)

Students may register with this office whether their disability is permanent or temporary. Committed to creating equal access for all Canisius students with disabilities, this office helps meet individual needs and oversees the proctoring of all special needs and make-up exams. Students without disabilities may also contact us to make-up exams missed because of travel for a college involvement, family and health issues, or course conflict.