Testing Accommodations

The Disability Support Services Office (DSS) is a designated proctor site for students that need testing accommodations due to a disability. Test accommodations are determined on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis after review of a student’s official documentation. These accommodations include (but are not limited to) the following:

Each student is unique, and accommodations may vary from student-to-student, and may include accommodations that are not listed here.

  • "Test," as used in this context, refers to quizzes/examinations taken during the semester including final exams in conjunction with an academic class.  A student should discuss his/her specific needs for testing accommodations (e.g., extended time, separate location, use of a computer, etc.) with DSS and faculty in a timely manner before tests are to be administered.
  • Extended Time – a factor in reading testing material, processing information, or writing answers. [The amount of time allotted is based on the student’s official documentation.]
  • Reader – questions may have to be read to the student by a proctor due to visual difficulties or cognitive problems.
  • Scribe – proctor will write or type the student’s answers for them if they have a physical disability where their own writing capabilities are affected.
  • Adaptive Equipment – screen enlargers, talking computers, word processors, or Braille printers can be used during the test if needed.
  • Modification of Test Response Format – enlarging answer sheets or transcribing answers onto a computer scan sheet are techniques that may be used.
  • Environmental Control – a separate quiet testing room and earplugs to eliminate any additional noise or interruptions. This helps to relieve anxiety and encourage concentration.

Testing Environment and Academic Integrity

DSS enforces the highest level of academic integrity while administering exams. DSS requires that students maintain the same level of academic integrity and respect that is conveyed within the classroom - in the DSS office. If the proctor suspects that a student is cheating, the exam will be confiscated and the incident will be reported to the professor.

To create a positive academic environment that is conducive to test taking, we ask that the student adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The following items are not allowed in the testing rooms: electronic devices (unless permitted by the course instructor), book bags, notebooks/books, purses, jackets, etc.
  • All materials – including scrap paper – must be returned to the proctor upon completion of the exam.

Scheduling an Exam for DSS Students

  1. At least 4 to 5 week days prior to the exam, the student is responsible for contacting the DSS Office to schedule the day and time for the exam.  It is important to notify the office of any special needs, such as a scribe, reader, separate room, or the use of a computer. This helps prepare sufficient accommodations for each student. Room reservations for exams may be completed in person, by calling the office at (716) 888-3748.
  2. The student is responsible for providing the professor with a DSS Proctor Checklist Form with the top portion filled out at least 4 to 5 days prior to the exam. Deliver the form to your professor in person. This allows for open communication and allows you and your professor to ask questions. It is NOT recommended to place proctor forms in professor mailboxes.  The forms are often overlooked or lost by accident.
  3. The student should be present at least ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If the student is late to the exam, the professor will be notified and the exam will be held in the office until further direction is given. An exam will not be administered past the scheduled time.

Submission Process for Professors

  1. Professors are responsible for filling out the bottom section of the DSS Proctor Checklist Form that was given to them by the student(s). This completed form should be attached to the exam upon submission.
  2. Professors should supply enough copies of the exam to cover the number of anticipated test takers. If an unknown number of students will be taking the exam, please supply two copies per exam.
  3. Delivery of all materials to DSS is the responsibility of the professor. The exam and completed DSS Proctor Checklist Form is to be delivered to DSS (Old Main 004) prior to the scheduled exam time. (Exams will be secured in the office). Professors are encouraged to personally deliver the exams to DSS in order to possibly clarify and questions or concerns. However, delivery of the test in a sealed envelope from an individual authorized by the faculty member will be accepted. Faxing the tests (716) 888-3747, or emailing them to Anne-Marie Dobies, dobies@canisius.edu is acceptable as long as the completed Proctor Checklist has been handed into the office beforehand. Campus interoffice mail is not encouraged.
  4. DSS will keep an exam for up to two weeks after the scheduled exam date. Please remember to indicate on the Proctor Checklist Form if the un-used exam will be picked up or if it should be shredded. The professor will be notified if the student arrives late or does not show up to the scheduled test.