Note taking Assistance Form

Policy and Procedure

For DSS students:

  • It is preferred that you speak to instructors before requesting notes to discuss the best way to receive notes. Instructors can often accommodate students in the classroom (e.g., with notes on Blackboard).

  • Notes may be copied two ways:
    • A carbonless notebook provided by DSS (free of charge).
    • Photocoping a regular notebook using the DSS photocopier (free of charge).

      Office Hours During Academic Session:
      Monday – Thursday 8-7pm, Friday 8-5pm

      -Office Hours During Summer Session:
      Monday –  Friday 8:30-5pm
  • Copied notes are to be placed in a folder marked with the corresponding course title within 24 hours after the end of the class period.

  • If a notetaker is not following through with their services appropriately, please contact Disability Support Services.

  • Please notify Disability Support Services if you drop or withdraw from the class for which notes are being provided.