Cultural Artwork at Canisius

The Canisius College Art Project Program is a continuing effort by the college, coordinated through the ALANA Student Center, that seeks to enrich the campus by commissioning works of art that celebrate the diversity of the College and the Buffalo area. This program has resulted in four original works of art being put on permanent display in the Canisius College Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library.

Each of these original and engaging works of art embodies a piece of the different cultures represented by the ALANA acronym. Each artwork has been commissioned, negotiated, and overseen by a campus committee which included student leadership and faculty and staff participation.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1992) is an interpretive portrait of one of the most important leaders in African American history created by William Cooper.

With the Same Rhythm (Con el Mismo Ritmo) (2002) was created by Agustin Rolando Rojas, an internationally known artist originally from La Habana, Cuba. This work is representative of aspects of Latino/a American culture.

From One Dance, Creation (2006) was created by Canisius College professor and member of the Onondaga Nation, Professor Eric Gansworth. This piece celebrates the Haudenosaunee creation story.

Journey of Dreams (2009) was created by Lin Xia Jiang, Chair and Professor of Fine Arts at Buffalo State College, in collaboration with one of his former students, Justin W. Dahl. This oil painting on canvas celebrates Asian/Asian American cultures.