ALANA Student Center

ALANA Student Center


ALANA Internships & Office Opportunities 

An undergraduate internship aimed at identifying a highly motivated student to help facilitate the college's goals and tasks with respect to ALANA Programming. This internship is valued at $4,000.

The Internship Program is presently inactive.

Criteria for selection:

  • A full-time undergraduate student
  • A minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher
  • Completed at least two semesters
  • An understanding of and/or demonstration of support for the needs of ALANA students
  • Demonstration of financial need

Criteria for selection and monitoring:

It is intended that the student will:

  1. Assist the college in the planning/execution of cultural and social programs produced or co-produced by appropriate entities on campus
  2. Plan, organize and implement at least one cultural or social event during the academic year
  3. Develop rapport with ALANA first-year students and introduce them to campus resources and activity programming at Canisius
  4. Assist with planning and implementing ALANA trips in and outside of Buffalo, New York, for undergraduate students

Internship Stipend: The undergraduate ALANA internship provides a stipend of $4,000 divided between two semesters to support the student's financial needs.

How should interested students apply?

  1. Type a 200-word biography or personal statement
  2. Type a 500-word essay on "What Diversity Means to Me"
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation from Canisius faculty and/or staff.
  4. Submit an official transcript and a resume

Submit all requested items to ALANA Student Center (Frisch 008) by the third Friday in March.

Internship sponsored in part by the Western New York Nicholas Patterson Perpetual Fund.

For more information, please come by our center or call (716) 888-2787.

Other Center Opportunities

Our center provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge attained in the classroom by offering an undergraduate work study position and a graduate assistantship.

Undergraduate Work Study

The undergraduate work study position includes clerical work and serving as a liaison to ALANA student organizations. Financial eligibility is required to receive a work study position ($500--$900 per semester).

Graduate Assistant

He/she coordinates campus-wide activities centered on various ALANA celebrations, serves as our liaison to ALANA student committees and is in charge of special projects. For a detailed description of this position, click here. The assistant is responsible for the publication of our newsletter. Use these links to view a newsletter: 2007-2008 (.pdf); Spring/Summer 2006 (.pdf); Spring 2005 (.pdf)

Acceptance to a graduate program at Canisius College and outstanding letters of recommendation are required of candidates for this position (tuition package includes tuition waiver, stipend, and meal plan; renewable for two years). Preference is given to students enrolled in the College Student Personnel Administration Program.