MLK Award Nominations

Please submit Nominations by Friday, February 07, 2014

To use the paper nomination form click here (pdf)

Only current students, faculty, and administrators can nominate Canisius College members.

Canisius College would like to acknowledge a student and/or a non-student (faculty, staff, or administrator) who represent the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK). Toward this end, we would like to solicit nominations for an award or awards to be presented at the Spring Honors Convocation. The nominee(s) must demonstrate qualities promoting social justice, racial harmony, civil rights, human rights, advocacy for the poor, or non-violence.

Please take a moment to nominate college members for this honor. For each award category (student and non-student), please identify one or more of the following areas which make this person deserving of the award.

Past recipients of the MLK Award 


Patricia B. Christian, PhD, faculty

 Courtney J. VandeBovenKamp, ’14, Student


Betsy M. DelleBovi, PhD, faculty
Dorian B. Dallas, ’13, student

Robert J. Butler, PhD (Faculty)
Davidlee E. Klimchuk '12 (Student)
Mary I. Mietlicki '12 (Student)

Stephen F. Liebig (Staff)
Thomas K. Rogers III ’11 (Student)

Daniella M. Pettinari '10 (student) 
George Boger, PhD (faculty)


Albertha F. Kelley (staff)
Josal R. Diebold '09 (student)

Rhonda F. Dyess-Hands (Administrator)
Emilee C. Flynn ’08 (Student)

Charles R. Schmidtke, PhD (Faculty)
Gary M. Everett (Administrator)
Brian C. Ricci '07 

Michael J. Gent, PhD (Faculty)
Jerome L. Neuner, PhD (Administrator)
Danielle V. Esposito ’06 (Student)

LaVerne M. Seales-Saley, PhD (Faculty)
Evangeline J. Powell  (Staff)
Aamina Edwards '06 (Student)

Bruce J. Dierenfield, PhD (Faculty)
Barbara J. Porter, PhD (Administrator)
U.S. Magistrate Judge Hugh B. Scott 
    (Special Appreciation)
JulieAnna Golebiewski ’04 (Student)

Peter Koehneke (Faculty)
Rev. Vincent M. Cooke, S.J. (Administrator)
Mary Pat Leahy (Staff)
Kathy Riley '03 (Student)

Kenneth Sroka, PhD (Faculty)
E. Roger Stephenson, PhD (Faculty)
Ellen O. Conley, PhD (Administrator)
Patty Grasso (Staff)
Elizabeth Bocchino '02 (Student)
Joseph Lovering, PhD, Prof. Emeritus(Faculty)
Lake Kearney (Staff)
Kelly Barden ’01 (Student)

Rev. Benjamin Fiore, S.J. (Faculty)
Sr. Patricia Brady, SSMN (Administrator)
William St. Jean ’00 (Student)

Ruben Gomez, PhD (Faculty)
J. Joe Van Volkenburg (Administrator)
Elaine Mrugala (Staff)
Gerry Muir, MS ’99 (Graduate Student)
LaShekia Chatman ’99 (Student)
Sababu C. Norris (Special Appreciation)

Terrence Bisson, PhD (Faculty)
Kathryn Philliben (Administrator)
Sgt. Gwendolyn Johnson (Staff)

Julia Wescott, PhD (Faculty)
Patricia Rissmeyer, PhD (Administrator)
Willie Mae Frazier (Staff)
Stanley L. Purdie ’97 (Student)

Edward Kisailus, PhD (Faculty)
Deirdre Egan (Administrator)
Nicole Jones (Student)

Candalene J. McCombs, PhD (Administrator)
Henrique Caine ’94 (Student)

Paula McNutt, PhD (Faculty)
Lilly Adams-Dudley (Administrator)
Caesar Brown ’94 (Student)

Martha Veasey (Administrator)
Lewis Carver (Student)

Jesse E. Nash Jr., Prof. Emeritus (Faculty)
Mark Swiatek ’91 (Student

Canisius College Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Awards Selection Committee 2014-2015

Committee members are not eligible for nomination.
MLK Co-Chairs:

Butler, Robert J., Ph.D., Professor/English Department

Maciejewski, Ashleigh M. ’15, Undergraduate Student Association

MLK Committee:

1. Astiz, Dr. M. Fernanda, Associate Professor/Adolescence Education

2. Brady, Sr. Patricia, SSMN, Director/Community Based- Learning

3. Chamberlain, Briana N. ’15, President/Afro American Society

4. DeLaney, Ms. Kathleen M., Archivist/Reference Librarian, Bouwhuis

5. Dierenfield, Dr. Bruce J., Professor/History

6. Grasso, Patricia A. , Executive Associate/Student Life

7. Havis, Dr. Devonya N., Associate Professor/Philosophy

8. Lew, Mr. Gary B., Director of Purchasing/ Facilities Management

9. Norris, Mr. Sababu C., (ex-officio), Director/ALANA Student Center

10. Occhipinti, Dr. John D., Chair/Political Science Department

11. Tunney, Rev. Michael F., S.J., Director of Missions & Identity/ Academic Affairs

12. Solak John ’15, President/ Undergraduate Student Association

13. Sarah Signorino, Campus Ministry