Student Services

Student Services


Martin Luther King (MLK) Scholarship/Grant

Students from all income levels are eligible for MLK. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their past academic performance. Please contact the Admissions Office at 716-888-2200 for an application.

HEOP Recipients must:

  1. Have been a New York State resident for at least one year prior to enrollment in HEOP.
  2. Be inadmissible under Canisius College's regular admission requirements as determined by the Admissions Office.
  3. Meet the State's Economic Guidelines for HEOP.
  4. Be a high school graduate or have a state-approved High School Equivalency Diploma or its equivalent (GED, etc.)
  5. Have the potential to succeed in college as determined by testing, personal interview, participation in mandatory pre-freshman summer program.

HEOP Income Eligiblity Criteria 2010-11

Number of members in household (including head of the household) Total annual Income for 2009
1 $16,060
2 $21,630
3 $27,210
4 $32,790
5 $38,360
6 $43,960
7 $49,500
8 $55,070
9 $60,640
10 $66,210
11 $71,780
Add $5,570 for two workers or one worker sole support of a 
one-parent family

Add $2,790 for a household supported solely by one member working two or more jobs at the same time.  

*Add $5,570 for each family member in excess of 11.