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Tutorial Program

The COPE Office provides free tutoring for all HEOP and MLK students, and theCOPE Office's tutors are trained by a 'Master Tutor Trainer,' certified throughThe Association for the Tutoring Profession. The COPE staff makes their best effort to provide students with a comprehensive list of tutors for a wide range of subject areas. It is the responsibility of the student in need of tutoring to contact the tutor to set up a meeting. If there is not a tutor listed for a particular course you would like tutoring for please contact Neil O'Donnell by calling the COPE office at 888-2575 or via e-mail at to make arrangements. Tutorial services are also available to all students through the college's Tutoring Center without cost.

Need a Tutor? 

Stop by the COPE Office for a complete list of available tutors.  If a tutor is not available for a class you need assistance in, please contact Neil O'Donnell at the COPE Office immediately.

Apply to become a COPE tutor 

The COPE office is always looking for knowledgeable individuals to become peer and professional tutors. If you would like to apply to be a tutor for our office please click here to fill out an application.

Study Skills for Success

Do you want that 4.0?  Follow these simple steps early in the semester and throughout, and that 4.0 will be reachable.

  1. Read book material before the specific material is covered in class (students will be able to grasp the material better and more quickly).
  2. Read over class notes immediately after class ends.  If any student has another class afterwards, then they must read over the notes at the first available opportunity
  3. In addition to reading over the notes after class, read the notes again that very night.  Then at the end of the week, study all the notes from that week.
  4. Ask professors about any questions you have.  The professor is the best resource any student has.  If you feel uncomfortable asking questions during a class, speak to your professor before or after class (and utilize their office hours as well).
  5. Get a tutor.  You don’t have to have any problems to go to a tutor.  A tutor can simply be used to check to see if you truly understand the class material.
  6. Start a study group early on in the semester for each class – make certain to include either a tutor or someone who is doing well in the class.
  7. Outline any reading you do for a class.  The outline not only will provide a student with a better understanding of the material, but it will also provide you with a study guide for quizzes and examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the freshman year advisor be my advisor for the entire four years?
After their first year, students who have decided on a major are assigned to a faculty member in their department. Students who have not declared a major, or are uncertain about the major they were considering, must visit the Student Advisement Center to discuss their options and to register. Undeclared students should also visit a career advisor in the Career Center, located in Old Main 013, to discuss potential careers.

How do students change their major?
Students officially change majors at the Registrar’s Office by completing a change of data form. Students should request a new advisor from the new major department. Freshmen interested in changing majors should visit the Student Advisement Center.

If a student is undecided on a major, when is the deadline for choosing a major?
Students who remain Undeclared through their sophomore year should come to the Student Advisement Center for advisement and assistance. There is no specific deadline for choosing a major, however, students should visit the career center as soon as possible to discuss majors and careers.

If a student feels they received an incorrect grade, what should they do?  
Students who feel they received an incorrect grade should stop by the Office of Student Advisement (Bagen Hall Room 103) and request a copy of the grade grievance policy.  The brochure will explain the procedures for petitioning for a grade change.  You should also contact the COPE Academic Skills Coordinator as soon as possible.  There are time limits that you need to be made aware of so it is crucial that you obtain the grade grievance policy as soon as possible.

How do I withdraw from a course?
To withdraw from a course, you must contact the COPE Office.  Any COPE student (HEOP or MLK) who wishes to withdraw from a course must meet with the COPE staff prior to submitting a withdraw form to the Registrar’s Office.

I need help with a course.  How do I get a tutor?  
The current list of COPE tutors is listed in the “Tutoring” section of the COPE website.  You can also stop by the office for a copy of the tutor list if you wish.  If you need help in a course for which no tutors are available, contact the COPE Academic Skills Coordinator immediately (x2575).  You can also request a tutor by completing the request form, also available through the “Tutoring” section of this website or at the COPE Office (Old Main 101).  Tutoring services are also available to all Canisius students at the Tutoring Center (Old Main 319).