Counseling Center

Counseling Center

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, you may call us at (716) 888-2620, or stop by the Counseling Center, Bosch Hall 105.

Intake Process

You may be reluctant to go to the Counseling Center because you don't know what to expect. Unless you are in an immediate crisis, upon arrival you are asked to fill out an intake form, which collects basic demographic information. This is kept as part of your confidential file. This appointment will last approximately 20 minutes. During that time a professional counselor will meet with you to gather information and listen to your concerns. Together, you will begin to assess your needs, develop goals for future counseling appointments and determine the services needed to assist you in achieving your goals.

You may wonder if counseling appointments or information will somehow end up on your "permanent academic record." This is not true. All sessions are free, private, and confidential. Only with your written permission are we able to share information with anyone. View our Confidentiality Statement.

During the intake session, the counselor will try to ascertain what your problem(s) or concern(s) are. They will evaluate with you whether or not counseling is the best approach, and give a brief explanation of the counseling process. The counselor will discuss your options with you, which may include asking if you wish to make another appointment, wait and call if you need to talk more, or would like a referral to another person or agency.