Health Center

Health Center

Health Information for International Students

Physical Examination and Immunization Requirement

All international students are required to submit a completed physical examination and immunization form prior to class attendance. The form will be mailed to you by Admissions or by International Student Programs. This form can be completed by the student's health care provider in their home country. All forms must be completed in English. No other forms will be accepted.

Download the International Physical Examination & Immunization Form.

Forms submitted in another language will be returned to the student and deemed incomplete. International students can contact the International Institute, 864 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, New York, 14209, (716) 883-1900 to arrange for their physical examination form to be translated into English. There is a fee for that service. 

Any international student who does not submit a completed physical and examination and immunization form will have their registration cancelled within 30 days of the start of the semester.

The Student Health Center will perform a complete physical examination for international students. There is a $100 fee for that service. 


All students, both international and domestic, are required by New York State to submit proof of immunizations in order to attend college in the state.  This requirement is strictly enforced.  Any student who does not comply will not be allowed to attend class, reside on campus, participate in sports or other campus activities. Read about the immunization requirements. The immunizations needed to attend college in New York State are paid for by the international student insurance

Tuberculosis Screening

International students from certain countries are  required to be screened for tuberculosis upon arrival at the college.  Student Health screens high risk students using a blood test. If a TB skin test or similar blood test was done at home before departing for the United States, Student Health may still require additional testing or referral to the Erie County TB Clinic.  A history of BCG vaccine does not meet this requirement. The TB screening requirement is strictly enforced by the college.

Health Insurance for International Students

All international students are required to purchase a health insurance plan written specifically for Canisius College students. This plan is designed to meet the health insurance needs of our students studying away from their home countries. Information about the plan is available in the Office of International Student Programs.

International students should not purchase any other health insurance plans before coming to the United States. Students considering such a purchase should first speak with the director of International Student Programs.