Health Center

Health Center

Student Health Center Services

Student Health provides  care and treatment for short term  illnesses and injuries that  are common to healthy college students. These short term conditions include influenza, strep throat, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, sprains and strains, cuts and rashes. Students with health conditions that require more testing, daily or regular medication and ongoing evaluation by a physician, are referred to their primary care doctor or to a specialist.

Some additional services include:

  • First aid for minor injuries
  • On Site Lab testing such as strep throat, influenza, urine testing, and glucose screening
  • Loan crutches
  • Health education materials
  • Immunizations
  • TB blood test
  • Physical Examination for class attendance at Canisius College, only 

Detailed List of Services

On Campus Physician Services
Off Campus Physician Services
Laboratory Testing and Diagnostic Testing
Medicines and Prescriptions
Allergy Shots
TB Testing
Special Health Needs
Eligibility for Student Health Center Services
Care and treatment of minors (under 18 years of age)

Faculty, administrators, staff and visitors
After Hours Urgent Care
Medical Clinics
Dental Services
Reproductive Health Services for men and women
Emergency Contact Information

Medical Notes

On Campus Physician Services

Student Health is staffed by a physician and registered nurses daily.

To schedule an appointment go to myCanisiusHealth portal or call Student Health at 716-888-2610.

It is best to log onto your health portal or call Student Health early in the morning if you wish to be seen that day as appointments can book up quickly.

Off Campus Physician Services

In order to provide you with the best medical care, Student Health  may refer you to an off campus physician or specialist. A list of specialists and primary care providers is kept in the clinic for fast and efficient referrals. 

You must notify your health insurance carrier about the referral and obtain any authorization needed as you are responsible for payment for all off campus medical care. 

Student Health follows up with all students we send to an off campus provider. This ensures that we can provide you with any additional support you need at school as well as update your medical records. 

Lab and Diagnostic Testing

Student Health is registered with the New York State Department of Health as a  limited service laboratory and performs CLIA-Waived point of care diagnostic tests. These include rapid antigen testing for strep throat and influenza, urine tests, rapid mono testing  and glucose testing. However, some conditions require more specialized laboratory testing. Some laboratory samples are collected on site for processing at Quest Laboratories.

Diagnostic testing such as x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc. are done off campus. Our nursing staff, in consultation with the college physician, will make referrals for these tests. Payment for laboratory and diagnostic testing done off-campus are your responsibility.

Medicines and Prescriptions

The Student Health Center provides some over the counter medications to relieve the physical discomfort associated with fever, cold and flu symptoms, sore throat, nausea and minor injuries. These medications are free.

Student Health Center physician may prescribe a prescription medication after you are seen in Student Health.  Student Health uses an e-prescribe services that sends prescriptions directly to your pharmacy.

Student Health does not write for medication refills prescribed by another physician.  If you take medication regularly, bring enough medication to campus with you to cover you until you go home.  Be sure to check that current medication will not expire while you are at school.

Allergy Shots

The Student Health Center does not administer allergy shots. Below is a list of physicians who provide allergy shots to Canisius students.
Please note that you must:
1. have updated physician orders and schedule for injections
2. check with the physician's office regarding shipping and storage of serum 
3. keep all appointments for injections, as scheduled
4. arrange transportation to and from all appointments
5. check with your health insurance company regarding payment

Allergy Clinic at Buffalo General Hospital
100 High Street
Buffalo, New York  14203
716 859-2524
*on subway line

MASH Urgent Care
3980 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, New York  14226
716 929-2800
Free shuttle service available from campus  7 days per week

Buffalo Medical Group
295 Essjay Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14223
716 630-1130

TB Testing

Students frequently need TB testing for internships, employment or travel. Testing can be done by blood test or by skin test. Student Health tests for TB using a blood test whcih is sent to Quest Diagnostics for processing. TB tests are billed to the student's insurance.

TB skin testing is not done in Student Health. The following providers offer TB skin testing for a fee:
Erie County Health Department TB Clinic
(716) 858-2172
608 William Street
Buffalo, New York  14206

HealthWorks, WNY
Visit website for locations
HealthWorks, WNY will also read TB skin tests placed by another provider, please bring paperwork from the provider who placed the skin test.

Special Health Needs

Our goal in assisting you with special health needs, not available in Student Health or on campus, is to link you to service providers in Western New York who provide the care and treatment needed to be a successful student at Canisius.

Students with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, seizure disorder, cancer, heart problems, etc., that require regular evaluation and management will be referred by Student Health to an off-campus physician. Students should have copies of their medical records sent from their treating physician to the specialist in Western New York.

The Student Health Center will refer students needing special nursing services such as dressing changes, intravenous therapy, respiratory therapy, injections, assistance with activities of daily living or other specialized nursing services to a local home care agency.   

Griff Center for Academic Engagement is also available to assist student with special health needs. The office can be reach at (716) 888-2170.

Eligibility for Student Health Center Services

We provide care to all students, currently registered and attending classes, regardless of race, age, sex, disability, religion, health insurance, ability to pay, sexual identity, national origin, marital status or veteran status.

Care and treatment of minors (under 18 years of age)

Students who are under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian authorized permission for treatment before care can be rendered at the Student Health Center, or at any hospital or physician office Student Health refers the student to. Download the authorization form. It is very important that the Health Center have this signed form prior to the minor student's arrival on campus.

Faculty, administrators, staff and visitors

Faculty, administrators, staff and visitors can be seen by our nursing staff for minor injuries/illnesses.  Employees may be referred to Sisters Hospital Emergency Department, MASH Urgent Care or HealthWorks, WNY for work related injuries or illnesses or to their health provider or local hospital for non-work related illnesses or injuries. Visitors will be referred to the emergency room of a local hospital or to their health care provider. Employees and visitors must bring photo identification and a copy of their health insurance card to Student Health at the time of their visit.


Students may be referred to a health care provider off-campus. We make every effort to refer you to providers near the college or along a bus or subway line. You can also use cab service for transportation listed below. Students are responsible for payment of all transportation charges, unless otherwise arranged by the Student Health Center staff.

Cab Companies:
Kenmore Cab: (716) 876-3030 or (716) 876-2300
Liberty Cab: (716) 877-7111
MASH Urgent Care Wheelchair Van: (716) 701-6331

Canisius College Public Safety may transport students to Sisters Hospital for emergency care, diagnostic testing, or clinic appointments. This must, however, be arranged by the Student Health Center nursing staff and is dependent on Public Safety staff availability.

In the event of an emergency, Student Health will call for  ambulance transport to the hospital.  Students are responsible for paying for the ambulance transport.

Afterhours Care

When Student Health is closed, students who are sick or injured but not in need of emergency care in a hospital can be treated at MASH Urgent Care.  Through a unique agreement, MASH Urgent Care will provide free round trip van service to a MASH Urgent Care Center 7 days a week.

MASH vans pick up and return students to any of the college regular shuttle stops.  Although the ride is free, care provided is billed to student’s health insurance plan.  It is important to bring your health insurance card and photo identification to your MASH visit.

MASH Urgent Care Center
3980 Sheridan Drive
Amherst, New York 14226
Phone: (716) 929-2800

Medical Clinics, Dental Services & Reproductive Health Services

A list of medical clinics, dentists and reproductive health providers is available at your myCanisiusHealth portal. A link to myCanisiusHealth is found on your student portal.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of a medical emergency, Student Health or a college official will make every effort to contact your emergency contact.  It is essential that you provide the college with the name, phone number and address of your emergency contact before you arrive on campus. Please update that information as needed. To submit or update your emergency contact information, please visit the registrar’s office.


Student Health does not loan wheelchairs. Anyone needing a wheelchair while on campus should contact a medical supply company to arrange to rent one. The American Red Cross may also be able to loan wheelchairs for a short period of time.