International Students

International Students

Canadian Student Services

Canisius has long been a destination for Canadian students seeking a high-quality education in the United States. The Office of International Student Programs provides a wide variety of services to more than 300 Canadian students at Canisius.

We will help you with immigration requirements, maintaining F-1 student status and applying for Optional Practical Training. If you live across the border in Southern Ontario, NEXUS will help make your commute across the Peace Bridge much smoother.

Services & Programs

  • I-20 form - The I-20 form is an official government document which certifies that a person is eligible to be a non-immigrant student. Only students that will be taking classes on-campus will be issued a form I-20 upon acceptance into the college. Form I-20’s must be signed once a year for students that remain full-time or once a semester for part-time border commuters. Should you have any changes or updates that you need on your Form I-20, please notify the Office of International Student Programs immediately.
  • SEVIS Semester Registration – The Office of International Student Programs is required to register international students each semester in the Student Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS). If it is your first semester at the college, you will need to stop in to the office with your I-20, passport, and I-94 card during the first week of classes. If you are a returning student and do not need your form I-20 signed yet, you can fill out the SEVIS Semester Registration form electronically and email it back to us.
  • Commuter Services NEXUS is a program for travelers who frequently cross the Canada-United States border. NEXUS members enjoy a simplified entry process and may find the pass makes the trip shorter by allowing you to use a dedicated commuter lane.
  • International Student Health - Canadian students are not required to purchase a special health insurance policy for international students. However if you decide to reside in Buffalo, you may want to purchase this policy. To learn more about purchasing an insurance plan and the services available to foreign students click the link above.
  • Canadian Students' bulletin board, located in the basement hallway of Frisch Hall, provides information on services and upcoming events.
  • Campus Housing