Program Overview

Sociology majors at Canisius learn to analyze the world with knowledge of the latest issues in social theory and research.  This is enhanced through a strong service-learning centered curriculum – one where students go out into the community to participate in volunteer activities as part of their coursework.  Sociology is for you if you have a wide range of educational and career interests, including (but not limited to) graduate study in sociology, social work, urban planning, law, or management or careers in social services, business, or government.

The sociology major consists of six essential courses -- Introduction to sociology, Social problems, Sociological research methodology, Sociological theory, Statistics, and computers.  Six electives are selected from a variety of courses offered each semester.  Eleven courses are required to complete the major.

Dual Majors

You may find it desirable to combine Sociology with a major in another department such as biology, history, psychology, political science, modern languages or communication studies to broaden your experience and prepare for any number of exciting careers.  The sequence of courses for dual majors is the same as for regular majors.  To provide for maximum flexibility of scheduling, dual majors should consult with a member of the department to arrange their individual schedules.