Specialized Studies

Specialized Studies

Approval Process

This program is available to any Canisius student who wishes to create his or her own field of study, has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and is familiar enough with at least two faculty members who will support his or her plans. Incoming students who plan to create a specialized major should matriculate as undeclared and may begin working with an associate dean after the completion of their first semester to start the proposal process. Creating a sound proposal will require:

  • An in-depth explanation of career and future goals as well as learning objectives as they relate to the proposed specialized studies major.
  • An exact list of proposed courses including a detailed narrative outlining the rational regarding their relation to each other and the student’s future goals.
  • Two letters of support from Canisius faculty members. The letters should state why this specialized plan makes sense for this student and why the college should have confidence that the student can complete the plan. 
  • One of the above faculty members must, in writing, agree to advise and work with the student to develop a senior project that is relevant to the course work and intended learning goals.
  • A detailed timeline for completion. Prerequisites, sequencing and course offerings must be taken into consideration.

Students shall submit the proposal to their designated faculty advisor and their academic dean for final approval. If it becomes necessary to adjust the plan, changes must be discussed with and agreed upon by the faculty advisor.