Online Master's of 
 Sport Administration (MSA)

Online Master's of <BR> Sport Administration (MSA)

Pat Matthews, MSA '04
Senior Manager of Customer Relations
Buffalo Bills

Online Masters of Sport Administration Degree

The School of Education's Online Master of Sport Administration (MSA) program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage in a wide range of sport-related enterprises, including intercollegiate athletics, amateur and professional sports management, sport-marketing firms, special-event management, and facility management.

All course work for this professional sports degree can be completed online. The sports internship requirement may be completed with an athletic organization anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. There is no residency requirement.

The Master of Science degree program is ideal for those who want to continue their education while working and balancing other commitments.  

Online MSA Curriculum

New York State Education Department-Already Physical Education Initial Certified

Professional Certificate-Master’s Degree Requirement in the Initial Certificate Content or Related Area.  The Master’s degree may also be in the content area of the Initial certificate or in a closely related subject area.  For those that have initial certification in Physical Education, Sport Management falls under the related Master’s degree, which will satisfy the Master’s degree requirement for Professional certification. Information on the requirements can be found at's Professional Certificate – Master's Degree Requirement page. Additional information can also be found at

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