Sports Management

Sports Management

Courses & Curriculum

This bachelor's degree program provides students with the skills and training to effectively manage in a wide variety of sports related fields.  Graduates of this program are prepared to work in fields such as intercollegiate athletics, amateur and professional sports, sport-marketing firms, special event management as well as facility management.

Students gain practical experience through an internship opportunity in a wide variety of settings in the sport industry. 

Employment Opportunities:

  • Sports Agent
  • Athletic Directors
  • Recruiters and Scouts
  • Team Marketing Staff
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Contract Specialists
  • Facility Manger
  • Recreation Director

1. Core requirements

View complete information about the Core Curriculum.

2. Business Foundation Course Requirements

Course Title Credits
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3 Credits
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3 Credits
ECO 101 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Credits
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Credits
ISB 101 Management Technology 3 Credits
MGT 101 Introduction to Management 3 Credits


3. Sports Management Course Requirements

Course Title Credits
SPMT 150 Introduction to Sports Management 3 Credits
SPMT 230 Sport & Recreation Law 3 Credits
SPMT 241 Practicum 3 Credits
SPMT 245 Technology in Sport 3 Credits
SPMT 302 Sport & Ethics 3 Credits
SPMT 304 Sport, Culture & Society 3 Credits
SPMT 320 Psychology of Sport 3 Credits
PED 351 Coaching Theory & Techniques 3 Credits
SPMT 355 Sport Operation & Planning 3 Credits
SPMT 412 Sport Marketing 3 Credits
SPMT 420 Economics & Finance in Sport Industry 3 Credits
SPMT 430 Sport Communications 3 Credits
SPMT 440 Global Perspective in Sport 3 Credits
SPMT 475 Sport Management Professional Development Seminar 3 Credits
SPMT 480 Research Methods 3 Credits
SPMT 490 Internship 3 Credits

4. Arts & Sciences Course Requirements
This degree program also requires 60 hours of Arts &Sciences (non-business & non-education) courses.

Recommended Semester Schedule for Major Course Requirements:

Freshman SPMT 150 SPMT 230
Sophomore SPMT 241 SPMT 245
ECO 101 ECO 102
MGT 101 MGT 101
Junior SPMT 302 SPMT 320
SPMT 304 PED 351
ISB 101 SPMT 355
ACC 201 ACC 202
Senior SPMT 412 SPMT 420
SPMT 455 SPMT 475
SPMT 430 SPMT 480
SPMT 440 SPMT 490

Course Descriptions

SPMT 150 Introductions for Sport Management        3 credits
Introduces the sport management profession.  Primary focus is on the sport inductry, including professional sport entertainment, amateur sport entertainment, for-profit sport participation, sport goods and sport services. Fall

SPMT 230 Sport and Recreation Law         3 credits
The class will focus on the general principles of law as they apply to the today’s world of sport.  Class discussions will be geared toward practical application and real life examples. Spring

SPMT 241 Practicum in Sport Management        3 credits
A directed practicum experience in sport industry setting.  Opportunities provide for students to develop knowledge, values and beginning practice skills appropriate for entry-level positions. Spring

SPMT 245 Technology in Sport      3 credits
This course is an introduction to technology in sport.  The course is designed to provide students with experience in integrating technology into sport.  Spring

SPMT 302 Sport and Ethics         3 credits
Will assist you in establishing a fundamental philosophy for sport in your life (both personal as well as professional).  Questions that will be addressed in class are why you are/want to be involved in sports in a professional capacity; what values drive your actions/decisions. Fall

SPMT 304 Sport, Culture & Society        3 credits
This course will focus upon important, enduring issues within the sociology of sport in addition to a few controversial issues currently under debate. Fall

SPMT 320 Psychology of Sport          3 credits
This course will review the major social/psychological theories utilized in current sport psychology research.  Spring

SPMT 355 Sport Operation & Planning            3 credits
This course is designed to provide learning experiences in the administrative tasks of planning new athletic facilities, renovating older facilities and maintaining existing sport facilities.  Management principles and concepts as they affect facilities will also be examined.  Spring

SPMT 412 Sport Marketing          3 credits
This course investigates principles and processes in sport marketing and sales. Focuses on research and development, sport promotion, sport sponsorship, advertising, merchandising, and distribution of sporting goods. Fall

SPMT 455 Governance & Policy in Sport Organizations         3 credits
This course is an examination of sport organizations focused on both professional and amateur governance structures and processes.  The study of policy in educational, non-profit, professional and international sport venues will also be addressed.  Fall

SPMT 430 Sport Communications         3 credits
This course provides a senior-level exploration of the role of sport communication in contemporary cultures.  Fall

SPMT 440 Global Perspective in Sport            3 credits
Is an interdisciplinary examination of sport as a global phenomenon.  Historical, cultural, economic, and governance perspectives are considered.  Examine the global sporting experience from the 19th century to the present.  Fall

SPMT 420 Economics and Finance in Sport Industry         3 credits
This course is a survey examination of principles of economics, budgeting, and finance as it applies to the sport industry.  Spring

SPMT 475 Sport Management Professional Development Seminar       3 credits
To prepare the student for the process of seeking a job as well as being successful in a job in the sports management field.  This is a seminar format in which students synthesize and apply theories, concepts, and practices in the leadership and management of sport organizations. Spring

SPMT 480 Research Methods                 3 credits
Covers the development of empirical research designs for both practical and theoretical problems in sport management.  Includes literature review of hypothesized relationships, and formulation of research proposals.  Spring

SPMT 490 Internship                       6 credits
This supervised professional experience provides a continuous and structured opportunity to apply principles and skills developed in the classroom to the solution of practical problems in a sport industry setting.  Spring