Antwerp, Belgium

World renowned for its research teams, The University of Antwerp, Belgium is located in the cultural heart of Europe.  Art museums, the Royal Ballet and Opera and the largest movie complex in the world are all within walking distance of the university.  The capital city of Brussels is just a 20-minute drive, and London, Paris, Amsterdam and Luxembourg are also a short trip away.

The native language of Belgium is Dutch, but English is widely spoken.  There are also plenty of opportunities for speaking French, German or Spanish because of Antwerp’s international population. 

Courses are offered in both Dutch and English. 

Students typically live in residence hall-style housing with other international students.

City, Country

Antwerp, Belgium

Language of Instruction

English & Dutch

Subjects of Study

Business, Communication, Political Science and International Relations

Eligibility & Admission

3 Semesters of college level study

Cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale

Two professor recommendations

Semester Available

Fall & Spring

Credits Earned/Term


Application Deadline

Fall Semester - February 2, 2015

Spring Semester - March 2, 2015

Program Dates


Fall Semester 2015
Departure: Approx. August 25, 2015 (for Intensive Dutch)
Intensive Dutch: Approx. August 28 – September 17, 2015
Orientation: Approx. September 20-21, 2015
Instruction Dates: Approx. September 22, 2014 –
December 19, 2015
Examination Period: Approx. January 5, 2016 – January 30, 2016
***Students may depart after December 21 and complete exams at Canisius.***


Spring Semester 2016
Departure: Approx. January 12, 2016 (for Intensive Dutch)
Intensive Dutch: Approx. January 15 – February 4, 2016 (if offered)
Orientation: Approx. February 5-6, 2016
Instruction Dates: Approx. February 9 – May 19, 2016
Spring Break: Approx. March 30 - April 11, 2016
Examination Period: Approx. May 25 – June 26, 2016

Program Costs


Fees (to be paid to Canisius):


Canisius tuition, study abroad fee ($500), and mandatory health insurance (approx. $180 for the fall and $247.50 for the spring).


Costs paid directly by the student:

Living accommodations in a residence hall (approx. 350 euros/mo. or about $490/mo.), meals (approx. 300 euros/mo. or about $420/mo.), transportation within Antwerp (approx. 22 euros/mo. or about $31/mo.), and miscellaneous expenses.  Students will need to pay a housing deposit upon reservation.  Students will also have to pay a fee of approx. 100 euros (about $140) for the intensive Dutch course, if they choose to enroll.


Currency conversion is estimated at 1 euro = $1.40


Program Highlights

Centrally located in Europe, active international student
group, university has an excellent academic reputation


University assists semester students with housing

Travel Information

Assistance with flight through travel agent

Host Website

University of Antwerp