Dortmund, Germany

Buffalo's sister city, Dortmund is a center of business, high-tech industry, education and culture.  In contrast, the city's older, eastern portion features attractively renovated Art Nouveau architecture.  More than half of Dortmund's incorporated area is devoted to green space, and shopping areas of the inner city are limited to pedestrian traffic.

The Technical University of Dortmund has 25,000 students, 1,500 of whom are foreigners.  Sixteen schools offer state-of-the-art education and training in the sciences, technology and humanities. A 19:1 student/faculty ratio creates a productive learning environment.

Student housing options include "Wohngenmeinshft," a single room in an apartment shared with other students or a dorm room at the university.  Every effort will be made to place students in a German-speaking environment with individuals who will welcome and appreciate their background and experiences.

City, Country

Dortmund, Germany

Language of Instruction

German and some English

Subjects of Study

Full range of courses offered

Eligibility & Admission

2 years of German for courses with host students
No language requirement for classes taught in English

Cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

1 language & 1 non-language professor recommendation

Semester Available

Fall & Spring

Credits Earned/Term


Application Deadline

Fall Semester - February 2, 2015

Spring Semester - March 2, 2015

Program Dates

Fall Semester 2015
Departure: Approx. August 30, 2015
German Language Course: Approx. September 3-28, 2015
Semester Dates: October 14, 2015 – February 7, 2016

Spring Semester 2016
Departure: Approx. March 2, 2016
German Language Course: Approx. March 3-28, 2016
Semester Dates: Approx. April 1 – July 19, 2016

Program Costs

Fees (to be paid to Canisius):

Canisius tuition, study abroad fee ($500), and mandatory health insurance (approx. $45/month).

Costs paid directly by the student include room (approx. 270 euros or $380 a month), board, Dortmund semester fee (including transport pass, approx. 215 euros or about $300), overseas transportation and miscellaneous expenses.  There is an approx. 270 euros (about $380) refundable deposit required for the room.

Currency conversion is based on 1 euro = $1.40

Program cost subject to currency fluctuation

Program Highlights

Pre-program intensive German language program


Student residence hall

Travel Information

Assistance with flight through travel agent

Host Website

TU Dortmund